• I had been in a lot of pain since my car accident. I went to several other massage therapists before I came to see you.  I found that you are stronger and worked out my knots and I experience relief from pain!!! Your also very good at remembering your client’s specific likes and dislikes and I would seriously recommend you to anyone!  ---Dianna
  • My first massage gave me some instant relief.  James identified the source of my pain and I continue to feel relief and experience continued improved range of motion in my left shoulder. I think the gradual, firmness of his massage, and his intuitive ability to sense the correct level of firmness my body needs has been key.  He is very capable of noticing areas in my body that need to be worked on without me having to tell him. --- Paula
  • I was a mess and had been told by 4 or 5 different surgeons that I needed surgery on my spine or I would be in a wheelchair.  Since the treatment I received from James I have been walking every day - NO trouble - NO spasms!  I am also doing light housework and even a little gardening and more. I'm not depressed anymore either!  Big difference! With James, he seems to know where my pain is, even if I don't tell him.  He always asks about anything new or about what happened after the last time and he always seems to magically kind of draw the pain out of you by working deeply, but not so hard that you feel worse later on.  I feel like I have an entirely different life now! A Very Satisfied Client, ---Peggy
  • I appreciate the care and consideration James provides to me as a client.  His approach is highly professional and his skill in assessing my needs and pinpointing problem areas is exceptional.  I feel fortunate to have found such terrific message therapist and I would highly recommend him to friends and colleagues! --Collette
  • I always look forward to my appointments and would have treatments daily if I could.  I have referred James and recommended to several people since starting treatment with him. ---Mark  Ph.D.
  • James clued right into the location of my back pain. I have had off and on upper back pain from a car accident many years ago.  At a time when my back was out, James knew exactily where to apply pressure.  I came into the appointment with pain while turning my head and left with joy everytime I tested out the head turn and felt no pain. His work produced tangable and lasting results. ---Laura
  • "I am so glad to have found James. I have a years-old injury that I have entrusted to him, and am thrilled with his intuitive method of getting right to the core of the problem and working at a level that brings change without trauma. James is very gifted, and I think it's because he is not theorizing about the healing process, he's lived it himself, and therein lies the difference. His dedication to healing permeates every aspect of his life - he's the real deal."                   ---Coleen
James M Prescott CMT (707)362-1740